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Walk In Interview 2017-18
For the post of Grantable CHB basis as well as Full time Non-Grantable Contract Basis for B.A. and B.Sc. course dated on 13/07/2017
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Department of Physics


The Department of Physics was established in 1960 with Pree-Degree, F. Y. and Second year courses. Afterword in 1980 B. Sc. Degree course was started with an intake capacity of only 12 students. At present 22 students are enrolled for their B. Sc. Physics degree. The department has started M. Sc. Course in Physics (Solid State Physics) since 2013. We have started this course so as to develop it as an advanced center of Solid State Physics.

Department Information

This year 295 students registered for B. Sc. Part I, 165 students enrolled their names for B. Sc. Part II, 22 students enrolled for their B. Sc. Physics degree, 20 students registered for M. Sc. Part I and 16 students enrolled for M. Sc. Part II. At Present in all 16 teachers (Faculty including Permanent and C. H. B.) are working in the Department. The faculty has published around 60 research papers in the International journals and in the proceedings of International/ National/ State and regional level conferences, workshops, Seminars, Symposia etc. Two research projects funded by UGC were completed.

Highlights of Department.

Present details of departmental infrastructural facilities with regard to
1. Internet facilities for staff and students : 20
2. Students laboratories: 07
3. Research laboratories: 01
4. Library: (600 book titles).

We are organizing education tours for B. Sc. II and III students. The main purpose of such study tours is to visit Educational Places like Universities, Research Institutes, Industries, Planetarium, Science museums etc. Such visits are very useful to have idea about the application of Physics in day to day life. Every year we are organizing Invited talks/Seminars for B. Sc. III and M. Sc. Students. The Department organizes the Teachers day and National Science Day Celebrations. On many occasions department organizes invited talks of eminent persons on various subjects such as the Planets Mars, Origin of Universe, Use of Physics in our daily life, Nanotechnology, Energy Resources, Communication Systems, Nanomaterials, Planetary system etc.

The major research areas of the department are Nanomaterials, thick and thin film devices, ferrites and ME composites, etc. The major facilities for advanced studies available in the department are housed under Physics Instrumentation facility centre which include LCR-Q meter, Gauss meter, Pico ammeter, Muffle furnace, Spin coating machine, Contact angle meter, Chemical Vapor Deposition(CVD) set up, Chemical Bath Deposition(CBD) set up, Electrochemical Deposition (ECD) set up, Digital Balance, Magnetic stirrer, Electromagnets, and Thermal conductivity meter.

The Vision of the Department is to develop it as an Academic excellence in Solid State Materials and Technology. We are trying to achieve overall developments of the students to meet the International standards and to use the knowledge of Physics for Industrial development. The department will take up joint research projects in the field of Nanomaterials, thick and thin films and solar energy materials, ME composites so as to fulfill the requirements of the society. Industry-Departmental joint research projects will be undertaken. The history of the department proved that it has ever remained flourishing and will remain so in future.

Faculty Members :

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Asso.Prof & Head Dr.N.M.Burange

Assi.Prof. Dr.M.M.Tonape

Assi.Prof. Dr.D.J.Shetti


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