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Smt.Kasturbai Walchand College Sangli.

College With Potential For Excellence

Admission 2017-2018
For B.A.-I, B.Sc.-I, B.Sc.Biotech -I, B.Sc.-(Computer Science)-I, B.C.S.-I, And M.A.-I.
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Walk In Interview 2017-18
For the post of Grantable CHB basis as well as Full time Non-Grantable Contract Basis for B.A. and B.Sc. course dated on 13/07/2017
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  • Selection for national game in kerala miss.Sushama Chandanshive

  • Shooting ball Second Rank

  • Volleyball Third rank Team

  • Gold medalist in Weight lifting mr.Ghansham Desai

  • Silver Medalist in Weight Lifting

Department of Sports & Physical Education

Participation in Games

Our college takes part in every single game conducted by Shivaji University.Each year our teams & players perform very well. In team games like Kho-Kho,Kabaddi,Volley ball,cricket,soft ball,hand ball,shooting ball,hockey etc. & in Individual games like weight lifting,best physique,chess, teakwondo.athletics,cross country,riffle shooting,archery,gymnastics,boxing,table tennis etc.performing players getting their jobs through police department,indian defense,railways etc. fields.


Our College provide every single sport material to the players required.Players get the proper kit of their games from our cricket kit,teakwondo kit, running shoes,spikes etc.our college provides diet to the players during their practice sessions conducted by our college.

During Zonal & Inter zonal Tournaments, players get their actual traveling allowance & 80 rupees per day allowance.Players who are selected for Shivaji University's team college gave every player 500 rupees for their pocket money.If there is any player whose financial condition is not goodcollege provides extra bit for him. Players who represented Shivaji University for their games will get track-suite & Momentous from our college . The winners of Zonal & Inter Zonal Tournaments will get momentous & Special bag from our college.Players who played in All India Inter University matches will get track-suite, momentous & cash prize also.

In admission period there is only 3% sports quota is available but most players who are good in their games,college gave them admission by observing their skills & Skills are observed by head of our sports department.

Sports Ground Availability

In our gymkhana hall games like badminton,judo,carom,table-tennis,wrestling,boxing,teakwondo,chess,yoga etc.practiced. In our college campus grounds are available for so many games like basket ball,shooting ball,Kho-Kho,Kabaddi,Volley ball, long jump,high jump.For games like Cricket,Foot ball,athletics,hockey,soft ball Shivaji Stadium is available to our college which is near to our college.For swimming & diving our players practices in Rotary tank & District sports complex swimming tank. Their fees are provided by our college.For rowing practice Krishna river is available to our players which is nopt so far. For riffle shooting , archery,& gymnastics players practices in Shanti Niketan sports Complex. For the fitness of our players there is special gym is available in our college.

Faculty Members :

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Director Prof.H.A.Pachore

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